Peaceful Protest at Patriots Park

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Tarrytown has joined the towns and cities spread across the nation where anti-gun rallies have taken place.  Spurred  by the gun carnage which saw 17 people killed at a school in Parkland, Florida, some 100 residents demonstrated along Route 9, North Broadway, this past weekend to protest the lack of action in Washington to prevent  such gun deaths.

Parents and students at Sleepy Hollow High School made up most of the protestors, who opposed  the proliferation of guns such as the AR-15 which a 19-year-old used in the Florida killing spree, and against the influence the NRA has in government.  Shouts for stricter gun control laws were heard from among the protestors.

Both the students and parents also expressed their concerns about having to be wary about their own safety within the confines of a school building. They called for anti-gun measures strong enough to eliminate such fears.

Additional protests and actions may be be staged locally in the near future to coincide with national actions, but specific plans have not yet been disclosed.


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