Parking Proposal for Tarrytown’s Downtown Dissolves

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by Robert Kimmel – 

A proposal that would have helped to ease parking problems on certain nights in Tarrytown’s business district has collapsed. The plan was to have used the lot behind the CVS store on North Broadway for valet parking Thursday through Sunday from 6 p.m. to midnight.

The plan was originally conceived last year by Edward Coco Jr., whose company, COCO Management, owns the parking lot which for years has been restricted basically to shoppers at CVS and several other stores on Broadway. Coco had worked out the proposal with Pro-Park Valet.

Word of the plans’ dismissal by Coco came in a letter last month to Tarrytown’s merchants from Theresa McCarthy, former Chairperson of the Chamber of Commerce’s Merchant’s Council. McCarthy had discussed the proposal last year with Coco and had secured the support of the village’s Board of Trustees which had agreed to amend the Village Code to permit the valet service to operate. McCarthy quoted Village Administrator Richard Slingerland as saying, “We did not want to delay it from happening in order to benefit the downtown.”

However, when there was no word late last year from Coco, McCarthy said she reached out to him, only to find that, “after all the months of communicating, planning and developing the valet proposal, Coco has had a change of heart,” as she described it. “He decided that valet does not make sense for him economically and observed while present in the village that the services were unnecessary when nothing was happening at the Music Hall.”

“Coco expressed that he has been generous in allowing some to use the CVS lot without towing until a solution can be reached,” McCarthy noted. “He mentioned that he is very sincere in wanting to assist us with our parking woes, but is unable to execute the valet proposal for the lot.”

McCarthy quoted Coco as saying that he is working with the Kaufman Organization (the other property owner of that site) on plans to develop the property between Central and Dixon Street with a multi-use structure that will include a parking garage. There is no word on its size or use.

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