One-Stop Shopping on Tap in Dobbs Ferry for Craft Beer and Gourmet Coffee Enthusiasts

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by W.B. King – 

Gourmet coffee and craft beer aficionados will have more reasons to celebrate when the soon-to-be-launched collaboration between Coffee Labs Roasters and Climbing Wolf Craft Beer Bar opens its doors at 78 Main Street in Dobbs Ferry.

“Craft beer people are the same clientele who buy specialty, high-end coffee,” said Mike Love, who has co-owned Coffee Labs with his wife, Alicia Love, since 2003. “We thought, let’s put these two things together.”

The Love’s didn’t have to look far for a craft beer partner. Climbing Wolf Craft Beer Bar co-founder, J.B. Gomez, worked as a barista at Coffee Labs for over a year. It was his idea roughly two years ago, Mike Love noted, which gave rise to the idea of a partnership.

“I was trying to understand how the coffee business worked because I wanted to open a business on my own. I shared my idea with Mike and Alicia, and they really liked the concept,” said Gomez, who partnered with his brother, Chris, to found Climbing Wolf Craft Beer Bar. “These are really great business owners and just cool people—we had to say yes. They have brought so much attention to our business, which has been wonderful.”

The Gomez brothers got their start in the beer business working at the Tuckahoe, N.Y.-based brewery, Broken Bow. Climbing Wolf Craft Beer Bar will carry 12 tap lines and between 120 and 160 bottles and cans of beer, explained Gomez. The drinks can be enjoyed on site or taken to go, he added.

“We will sell mostly local, New York State brewed beers,” noted Gomez.

A Sudsy Grind

Mike Love said in late July that the new location would be opened in a “couple of months,” but his excitement was palpable. Love believes Dobbs Ferry is the perfect locale for this intertwined business venture.

“Dobbs Ferry, the town, has been great to us as has other business owners. Everyone has been so super supportive and responsive to us,” said Love, who added that the shared goal of the business model is to create a “community spot” that can be enjoyed by all.

“We will have indoor and outdoor seating—roughly 40 seats in total. The food menu will be slightly reduced from what we do in Tarrytown, but it will have the vibe of an art bar/ coffee bar that is family friendly as well as adult friendly,” said Love. “This will be similar to Coffee Labs in Tarrytown, but with an interesting twist to it.”

Once open, the hours of operation will mirror Coffee Labs—from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Climbing Wolf Craft Beer Bar will open at 11 a.m. and serve to midnight on weekdays and to 1 a.m. on weekend nights.

“This business will be open almost 20 hours a day. People on the way to the train in the morning can pick up a coffee and something to eat, and after work on their way home they can stop in for a beer and sandwich,” said Gomez. “There will be the best coffees from around the world, the best local craft beers and great food. There will be something for everyone here.”

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