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ONA Exhibit by Digital Artist Peach Pair: “I Draw with a Mouse”

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by Linda Viertel – 

Peach Pair could be labeled an outsider artist. As she says, “I am a complete outsider, with no art or computer training, which means, I don’t know the rules I am breaking.” But her complex, lush giclée pieces defy both typical computer and traditional art, and there’s nothing simple about her technique. She creates her pieces with a mouse, not a stylus, starting with a blank canvas and often combining her images with shimmering gold leaf and organic substances such as found tree bark, leaves, shells or wasp hives which she scans in to add texture and dimension to her work. Giclee is the term used to describe fine art prints made my spraying pigment onto paper. And, all Pair’s giclée works are printed on archival, imported watercolor paper, printed by master printers in Connecticut.

Peach Pair artwork at ONA in Tarrytown
It Takes A World

Inspired by such artists as Gustav Klimt, David Hockney and Piet Mondrian, Pair’s creations are not imitative but rather suggestive. “The artists I admire are in my mind,” she noted, “They are more in my subconscious.” Her “Blooming Chestnut Tree” (on display at ONA) hangs in the U.S. Embassy in Rome, chosen by embassy representatives after her exhibit in the Italian capital. Her work has garnered a “Director’s Choice” in the Donnie 2019 Awards of the Museum of Computer Art (MOCA). And she has exhibited in multiple national and international juried and gallery exhibitions. Pair’s art has been seen in movies, and is included in private collections in the United States, Japan and Europe.

“Hollyhocks,” a deeply rich and vibrant image, close-ups of hollyhock blossoms dancing on a gold leaf background, has an art nouveau sensibility but is also reminiscent of Toulouse Lautrec. “Milkweed” conveys the soft wispy nature of bursting milkweed against a texture of golden trees and a swirled undulating “depth-defying” background. How she accomplishes this technological feat with a “mouse” is anyone’s guess.

Peach Pair - artwork at ONA
Bleeding Hearts 2

The complexity of her talents gets full recognition in “The Orchard,” a dense vertical forest-like landscape in a lattice-work of small gold squares dominating the print’s lower half, rising to browns and greens in the top half, culminating in what can only be described as small white windows and figures floating atop this magical realm. Pair’s dance background comes into play in this print as well as others.

“Bleeding Hearts,” a Hockneyesque image, dominated by a glowing deep yellow sun, takes the viewer’s eye to three sprigs of delicate bleeding heart branches with their winding giant tendrils reaching up to the sky where they encircle that vibrant sun. It’s a tour de force of magical realism.

Pair also creates what she titles “Ideograms,” abstract pieces on Mondrian-like grids, as well as inspirational and aspirational creations such as “It Takes a World,” an iconic image of diverse hands reaching up to the statement, “We The People, E Pluribus Unum.” In fact, she has printed this image on popular tote bags which she can’t produce fast enough to keep up with the demand.

Her creations are mounted on wood panels painted in metallic colors which show off their singular beauty to great effect. They are printed by request so her clients can choose the size they wish from her limited editions. But Pair’s images can also be found on greetings cards, posters and on the front of journal books she has fashioned.

Pair’s “digital paintings” are the unique expression of an artist who subtly reveals both her dance background and her profound Buddhist beliefs. The artist says it best: “I take pleasure in the challenge of creating something organic, expressive, comforting and painterly out of something wholly mechanical and insentient to achieve a graceful pas de deux between technology and fine art.”

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