NYC Woman charged with Murder in Irvington Restaurant Kitchen

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by Barrett Seaman –

Rosa E. Ramirez

Shortly before 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 10, Rosa Ramirez, 27, of 5 Allen Street, New York City, was arraigned by Irvington Village Judge Desmond Lyons on one count of Murder Two following the death of Bonifacio A. Rodriguez, 39, of Yonkers. According to Irvington Police Chief Michael Cerone, Rodriguez, an assistant chef who had worked at River City Grille, a popular Broadway eatery for a number of years, was stabbed multiple times by Ms. Ramirez, a recently hired dishwasher, late that morning as they prepared for the restaurant’s lunchtime opening. At the time, two other employees were in the restaurant, though not in the kitchen.

As of that evening, many questions remained unanswered about the first murder in Irvington since 1974, when 18-year-old Neal Giraldi of Tarrytown was convicted of killing Elfriede Bernhardt, 41, at her home on Havemeyer Road.

Much remains to be determined about Mr. Rodriguez’s death. Police could not—or would not—say if he had any kind of prior relationship with Ms. Ramirez, or whether her attack was provoked. At the arraignment, at the request of her court-appointed attorney, Erica Danielsen, Judge Lyons granted a medical remand, prompting reporters to ask whether she was pregnant. It was also unclear as to whether Ms. Ramirez had any prior convictions or what her immigration status was.

At  11:24 a.m., police responded to a 911 call from the restaurant where they found Rodriguez bleeding heavily from multiple stab wounds. He was stabilized and taken to Westchester Medical Center, where at 12:19 p.m. he succumbed to his wounds.

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