No Reason to Change Name of New Bridge – Letter to the Editor

 -  21

To the Editor,

I’m responding to your November 2015 article written by S. Lonce and M. H. Fryburg regarding the renaming of the “Tappan Zee Bridge” to the “Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Bridge.”

I see no reason to change the name.  The Bridge has been known as the Tappan Zee Bridge for a number of years.  Do we need to spend more of our tax dollars on purchasing new road signs, new road maps, etc.?  I do understand the good accomplished by the Roosevelt’s but we have dedicated a number of projects to them such as:

The Roosevelt Dime;  the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt;  Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, DC;   Roosevelt Room in the White House;   F. D. Roosevelt Airport;  at least five schools throughout New York, Texas and Canada;  a Bridge in Poughkeepsie, NY and in Lubec, Maine;  the South Beach Roosevelt Broadwalk in Staten Island, NY;  a Roosevelt Station in Paris Metro;  the well-known F.D.R. Drive in Manhattan, NY;  a road in El Salvador;  and three Parks located in New York and three Parks  in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Washington.

I do not see the need to change the name of our existing Bridge.  Let’s keep it as we all know it, “THE TAPPAN ZEE BRIDGE”.


 Olympia Lynn Quarto

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