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Nightmare on Buckhout Street

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To the Editor:

Regarding Irvington Board of Trustees Round-Up, the latest Astorbuck plan is more “Nightmare on Buckhout Street” than Groundhog Day. The new plan in Astorbuck’s 10-year quest to re-zone a residential neighborhood to build a commercial parking lot, solely for its own use, dangles the carrot of affordable housing.  We welcome affordable housing, but this plan calls for 4 units of un-buildable, unworkable housing to be constructed and paid for by the Village, that is not feasible under Village Code due to easements, setbacks, slopes, and other planning ordinances.  Irvington residents are not fooled and see this plan for what it is, another attempt to re-zone and build a large commercial parking lot.  It is far from “compelling” and “creative” as the Mayor and Trustees suggest, if we are left with the same large parking lot for Astorbuck’s use (not for Irvington residents).  Hopefully, the Board of Trustees will heed the expertise and recommendations of its own Planning Board which voted down a parking lot at this location 3 years ago, noting it will increase traffic, noise and pollution.  Astorbuck’s own paid consultants could not justify a lot, and Irvington residents overwhelmingly oppose it.  How much longer can the Village justify the amount of time and resources being exhausted by this proposal?  Why is there a different set of rules for a developer like Astorbuck?  Irvington Trustees – please make this nightmare end so that we and our neighbors finally can live in peace.

Cheryl and David Brandwein

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