MTA to Renovate Tarrytown Station House with Restaurant, Bakery

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by Rick Pezzullo –

MTA Metro-North Railroad officials announced April 26 that the Tarrytown Station House will be refurbished with a full-service bakery and a café/restaurant.

“We look forward to bringing a station house filled with delicious treats to our customers,” said Catherine Rinaldi, President of Metro-North Railroad. “The new station house is just another way we’re working to improve the commuting experience for our customers and support the communities we serve.”

The MTA has teamed up on the project with The Bakehouse Inc., which runs the well-known Riviera Bakery in neighboring Ardsley. The new venture will be both a traditional bakery and a café/restaurant with take-out and sit-down menus.

The ticket office will remain at the station house, along with the public use of the waiting area and bathrooms.

Under the proposed plan, the interior will be reconfigured and refurbished. A new seating area will be installed near the ticket window, creating a more appealing waiting area for the more than 3,200 customers who board trains at the station on an average weekday.

MTA officials stated early morning commuters will be able to enjoy the convenience of a full coffee bar and breakfast items right at the station. A large counter area will have display cases for cakes, pies, cookies, breakfast items and breads, and nearby informal seating will cater to customers on the go. There will also be self-service cases for carry out/ready-made meals for lunch and dinner.

In addition, select wines and craft beer will also be available to enjoy with a light meal. A seating area will be reserved for sit-down menu service and will be open seven days a week.

Officials emphasized the new station house will cater not only to commuters, but also to residents, maintaining the existing charm and integrity of the current structure.

Village Administrator Richard Slingerland said the MTA has asked the village to relocate the taxi cabs parking lot at the station to the south lot to free up metered parking for the bakery/restaurant. He noted the MTA requested that change be made within two to four weeks.

“I think they want to move pretty quickly,” he said, adding the changes being made to the station house are consistent with what the MTA has done at other stations. “This is appropriate. It will be a good benefit to commuters.”

Last year, the Tarrytown Board of Trustees integrated a Station Area Study into the Comprehensive Plan Zoning in the Metro North Station and the nearby waterfront which had been based on industrial uses in the 1950’s; however, starting in 2013, public hearings were held to make amendments to the Zoning Code along the waterfront for other uses. That led to a Steering Committee which produced a “Tarrytown Station Area Strategic Plan” the following year, and, in turn, a further report, “Tarrytown Connected: A Framework for the Station Area and Waterfront,” all based on public input.

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