Mrs. Green’s Shutters Tarrytown Location

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Mrs. Greens closes - anna thayer in frontby Robert Kimmel

A large empty store within the heart of a
village’s business section is not an encouraging
situation. However, Tarrytown is faced
with just that state of affairs. After barely
three years of existence at 45 North Broadway
in the Village, Mrs. Green’s closed its
doors last month.

The Tarrytown closure is but one of five
stores Mrs. Green’s Natural Markets has
just recently shuttered, leaving the business,
which features organic and natural
food products, with five operating locations,
all in Westchester; Briarcliff, Mount
Kisco, Yorktown Heights, Eastchester and

“While the closure of any location is difficult—
especially because our customers
and communities have supported us —
they are also necessary as we focus on our
core, profitable stores,” read the announcement
from the company’s headquarters in

Mrs. Green’s has also closed its stores
in Rye, Fairfield and Stamford, as well as
a market in Manhattan’s West Village. A
long-planned location in Dobbs Ferry was
also cancelled. It had also shut stores in Illinois
and New Jersey.

For several weeks prior to the Tarrytown
closing, customers noticed empty shelves
in the North Broadway store, as well as the
other locations, but were assured it was the
result of food supply problems. The market
then offered heavily marked down products
to reduce its inventories before shutting

It was in August of 2013, when the
company disclosed it had signed a 20-year
lease for the two-floor, 13,000-square-foot
space on North Broadway, that had been
occupied by another food store, Tarrytown
Gourmet. Mrs. Green’s reportedly had
agreed to pay $20,000 monthly for its lease.
The market then spent heavily on renovations
before its opening late that year.

Its presence in Tarrytown had been welcomed
enthusiastically by the village during
a preview party. Mayor Drew Fixell
stated he was “…truly thrilled to have Mrs.
Green’s join our wonderful community
and wish them much success.”

Village Administrator Mike Blau was in
accord; “I’m pleased we have a new anchor
store that will attract people to our community
and it will be a great asset.”

That asset is gone now, and the company’s
locations are shrinking. Mrs. Green’s
was a family-run business when it was
founded 30 years ago. Ownership is now
in the hands of a Canadian hedge fund
company. At one point, the company had
20 markets.

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