Mayor Wray to Seek Sixth Term in Sleepy Hollow

by Robert Kimmel – 

Mayor Ken Wray, along with a trio of incumbent trustees, will be pursuing a return to their posts in Sleepy Hollow’s March election. The mayor and the trustees, Glenn Rosenbloom, Denise Scaglione and John Leavy, made known their intentions late last month. The four will campaign under the “Unite Sleepy Hollow” banner, the political identification they have used previously while winning elections.

For Wray, it will be his bid for a sixth two-year term, continuing a tenure that began with his successful first election to the post in 2009 after serving as a trustee for the two prior years. “It is an incredibly exciting time for the village,” Wray said while expressing his eagerness to remain as mayor. He cited the Edge-on-Hudson development and the village’s adjacent East Parcel project with its prospective Commons as among activities he wants to see through to their fruition.

The village recently received a $1.5 million state grant toward the East Parcel development and it has achieved an upgraded bond rating this past fall from Moody’s Investment Services. At that time, Sleepy Hollow was also recognized by the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Counsel as a Priority Project,” for “taking bold steps to realize its potential as a place of employment, a place to live, and a place for visitors.”

“I want to build on all of the positive momentum Sleepy Hollow has established, and I also want to see through completion of the major development projects we currently have in progress,” Rosenbloom stated. “But it is the growth and change that is upon us and the opportunity to help manage it for the benefit of all Sleepy Hollow residents that is particularly motivating.”

He added, “I look at the future with confidence and excitement. In our soon to be adopted Comprehensive Plan, we have an invaluable resource filled with strategies on how best to achieve our goals and overcome obstacles.”

Rosenbloom, who is also Deputy Mayor, lauded the current Board of Trustees, “as united in its vision, is dedicated, thoughtful and committed to getting the job done. We are all looking forward to continuing to work together with the village staff to make Sleepy Hollow an even more vibrant and attractive community in which to live, work and do business.”

In seeking her third term, Scaglione referred to the Comprehensive Plan, commenting, “I’d like to be able to put the recommendations into action to improve the quality of life for all of our residents. The village is about to undergo a major transformation, that I have been pleased to have been a part of over the past four years. I do not want to leave office when things are just getting started. I would like to see our work through to its completion. We’ve also worked hard to build up our police force, hiring seven new police officers during my two terms,” Scaglione remarked.

“I look forward to strengthening all of our departments to meet the upcoming demand of all the new residents who will be calling Sleepy Hollow home in the coming years,” she added.

Leavy said he “will be running again with my Sleepy Hollow Unite team for a third term. We have a great team, and we want to keep improving our village each year. We are able to take credit for many developments in our village, but I am most proud of the work I have done with regard to public safety and infrastructure improvements. Improving our quality of life and creating a safer quality of life and creating a safe environment for all our residents is very important to me.”

Wray described the existing Unite Sleepy Hollow group holding command in the village as being composed of Democrats, Republicans and Independents, “without the partisan politics you see on the national level.”

Wray described their aim as working for the advancement of the village. Wray and the three trustees on his slate ran unopposed in the 2017 election. As of this report, no opposition has announced for the March vote.

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