Mayor Wray Responds to Residents’ Concerns

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Sleepy Hollow Mayor Ken Wray has issued a message to village residents to address the unease  expressed by some over gas main replacements by Con Edison. It follows:

Dear Residents,

Many of us are concerned about the ongoing work by Con Edison in our Village, especially given the recent explosions and tragic fires in Massachusetts. I reached out to express our concerns and to seek assurances that this work is proceeding safely.

Con Edison responded as follows:

“Con Edison is conducting main replacement in the area and has been for some time. Some of that work also includes moving from low to elevated pressure.  This work is being completed by highly trained, qualified personnel, and regulators provide over pressurization protection. Residents who smell gas should call Con Edison or 9-1-1 immediately.  Con Edison is a member of the Northeast Gas Association and the American Gas Association, and we share best practices among the other companies. We will all learn from the Columbia Gas incident when the investigation is complete. The incident in Massachusetts was an extraordinary and extremely rare occurrence. Natural gas, when installed by highly-qualified personnel and used properly, is a safe, clean, efficient energy choice.”

Be assured that the Village will continue to be vigilant in monitoring Con Edison’s work and will bring you updates as they occur.

Ken Wray, Mayor

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