Mayor Fixell Has Demonstrated His Dedication to Tarrytown

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To the Editor:

As a seventeen year resident of the Irving Neighborhood, I would like to give thanks to Mayor Drew Fixell for the years of consistent involvement, expertise and wisdom he has given Tarrytown.

I attending various village board meetings in 1999, because I was concerned about how the construction of a new Tappan Zee Bridge would affect my neighborhood and impact our village.  Although not mayor at the time, Fixell went to the same Thruway Authority bridge meetings that my neighbors and I attended. I recognized his dedication to our village back then, just as I see it now.

Starting in 2005 as our mayor, Fixell reinvigorated citizen participation in long dormant village committees, and I felt inspired to join a few. I volunteered to help the Planning Board with research, joined the Zoning Board and became a member of the Tappan Zee Bridge Visual Quality Panel. Fixell inspired so many of us to put our heads together and help –and the village grew stronger.

He was chosen by the Governor and County Executive to serve on task forces overseeing the replacement of the Tappan Zee Bridge as well as the expansion of mass transit services.  He attended dozens of meetings and spoke with wisdom, becoming an invaluable “consultant” on the job. Versed in understanding many different angles of bridge related issues, Fixell was the best and most articulate municipal leader able to protect the Irving, Quay and Tappan Hill neighborhoods; he also represented and defended village boundaries and interests during the bridge design stages of the shared-use pedestrian walkway project.

While burgeoning infrastructure is knocking at our village door, Tarrytown now faces the difficult challenge of Greenburgh tax assessments. I feel secure knowing that we have a mayor who has the educational, professional and governing experience to keep his finger on the pulse and know what to do in the future, as he did in protecting village interests with respect to the TZ Bridge.

In the last decade, our mayor didn’t just talk about projected goals; he rallied the troops, spoke truth to power, got the job done and showed leadership every step of the way.

Most sincerely,

Victoria Weisel, M.S., L.M.S.W.
Irving Neighborhood Preservation Association

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