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Letters – Zoning Change Near Village Hall Should Not Be Allowed

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To the Editor:

Tarrytown’s riverfront is under attack! The Board of Trustees is proposing that, at their “sole discretion,” they be allowed to approve 10-story zoning for the land surrounding Village Hall.  35 feet is currently allowed but they want to increase that to 140 feet including “rooftop obstructions.” There has been no widespread public notification of the plan. The first meeting is scheduled for nine days before Christmas.

River View

Our Village Hall’s cupola is 55’ tall. The possible impact is almost three times that height. A building that high would obliterate the public’s view of the bridge. Pictures show this impact which is ignored by the proposed view monitoring points.

Main Street Character

The proposed zoning change makes no reference to “preservation of historical resources” as presented in the 2017 Tarrytown Connected summary. A strategy of “Transit Oriented Development” risks putting all of the future development’s focus on the riverfront area at the expense of a vibrant Main Street.

Public Involvement

A wonderful collaborative effort created “Tarrytown Connected” guidelines. That team has not been consulted which is reflected in the lack of alignment between guidelines and the zoning proposal.

Approval Scorecard

The point score system’s detail bears little resemblance to the original Tarrytown Connected guidelines.  It gives all criteria equal weight regardless of their significance. In addition, a 25% “bonus” can be used by any developer to get around some criteria by writing a check. That effectively means our principles are for sale.

Details Available

It’s easy to get lost in details of the 24-page document describing this requested zoning change. A “Cliff Notes” two-page version of highlights and summaries is available at www.goneforever-55.com, along with related material.

Meeting on 12/16 8 p.m.

Given significance of the above issues, we encourage all residents to attend the December 16 meeting.

 Dave Barnett

Dolf Beil

Howard Smith

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