Letters to the Editor: Re: “A Piece of Tarrytown History Appears Doomed,” published August 3, 2017 in The Hudson Independent

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Article Captured Essence of Life at Brace Cottage

Brace Cottage in Wilson Park will soon be demolished.
Brace Cottage in Wilson Park will soon be demolished.

What a wonderful job Elaine Marranzano did capturing the essence of life at Brace Cottage and Braceholme for posterity in her article in the August issue of The Hudson Independent. The article will be a permanent testament to the vision of Dr. Brace, the daily work of the good Mr. Hutchinson, and the efforts of the highly skilled masons who proudly did their finest work to build the place to survive for centuries

The beautifully written and evocative piece fully deserves to be kept in a suitably permanent and historic manner so I’ve decided that in addition to keeping it in an ephemeral electronic format, I’m going to print a copy on heavy stock and put it under glass in a frame of heavy mahogany which I’ll cut from some very old boards from my boat workshop.  Then I’ll hang it on my plastered wall, and I’ll smile, and perhaps occasionally sigh, whenever I see it. It will be a reminder of a long and hard battle which I felt compelled to fight, even though the odds of winning were very slim from the outset.

Ms. Marranzano did a wonderful job capturing the feeling of the place, the time, and the life of the people who lived there. I’m thankful that she reached out to Dr. Brace’s great-grandson R. Scott Brace for some charming historical details that only he could provide.

I hope the article will inspire your readers and others in our community to recognize our collective loss, and get involved to change our local laws to better protect our extraordinary historic heritage in the future.

With warm regards,

 Mark J. Fry
Scarborough Manor

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