Letters To the Editor – ITAV Grateful for Support of Soup Soiree

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To the Editor:

When a local volunteer organization works to serve the community, it needs the help and support of that community. From money to materials it needs the good will of those it serves and those who recognize the worth of its mission. At ITAV 10591, the backing of the community has been extraordinary. For over two years ITAV has been slowly but steadily working to provide services to seniors so they can maintain an independent life style. ITAV now provides a free ride service to its members, taking them to doctors appointments, food shopping, anywhere they have to go in Westchester County. Soon ITAV 10591 will offer a handyman service, offering someone to take care of those nagging chores that seniors may now find too difficult.

We at ITAV want to say that we couldn’t do any of this without the people Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow and the whole 10591 area. The positive reactions and expressions of gratitude are what keep us going. We were especially pleased at the turnout for our annual Soup Soiree. The Soup Soiree is an event that combines social activity, fundraising and home cooking. This year dozens of people from around our town came together to enjoy music, good food and lots of laughs with their neighbors. We were overwhelmed.

We thank all those who supported us at the Soup Soiree and throughout the year and want to invite everyone else to join in. Whether it’s with a few dollars or a few hours of your time, the seniors of our Villages benefit.

With sincere appreciation,
ITAV Board of Directors

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