Letters to the Editor – December 2015

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New Bridge Should Keep Tappan Zee Name

To the Editor:

I concur with Olympia Lynn Quarto that there is No Reason to Change name of the New Bridge.
I believe that “Tappan Zee Bridge” is the only appropriate name.

Obliterating the name “Tappan Zee” will be a great loss to the spirit of Hudson Valley region. I have never met nor can I find any Tappan Indians around. At least let the Indian name remain in the memory of thr Tappan tribe.


— Sunil Gopalchandra Samanta, Ph.D.


Pedestrians Also Should Pay Attention to Motorists

To the Editor:

I am responding to the article re: unfairness to Pedestrians. Clearly, I would say it is absolutely absurd to bash all “Tarrytown” drivers as being oblivious and having no regard for pedestrians. This happens everywhere. I understand why it was said because Mr. Beechner lives here in Tarrytown but there are two sides to every story. I have found that on many occasions, (as a driver myself) pedestrians are so busy w/their face “stuck” in their phones and I-pads that they DON’T pay attention. I have had people jump out in front of my car and continue on even though the light was green for me to go as well as JAY-WALKING!

We all have some responsibility here. There are a lot of courteous drivers and disrespectful pedestrians. Let’s not get it TWISTED.
As far as police handing out tickets, and fines, it’s not going to stop people from speeding, etc. although, I feel they could do their job better in terms of the outrageous car “NOISE” all hours of the day and night here in Tarrytown. That’s clearly another situation!!

I am an 18 year resident here and feel that a lot more could be done by our authorities (law officers). Locals should “shame” pedestrians when they don’t pay “attention” to traffic.

—Stephanie T. Gray


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