Letters – Tarrytown Could Benefit from New Traffic Light

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To the Editor:

Re: “Making Our Streets Safer for Pedestrians” – Dec. 2015, Page 23

I would like to add to the writer’s suggestions for making our streets safer. My priority would be:

A traffic light with a left-turn arrow at the corner of West Franklin St. and Rte. 9. The current situation causes problems in all directions: At busy times, cars coming up Franklin from the station have to line up and wait for a break in traffic to make a right turn onto Rte. 9. (Left turns are not permitted at all.) Similarly cars traveling north on Rte. 9 must wait for a break in traffic to turn left onto Franklin.

A traffic light would not only make this corner safer but also minimize congestion. Surely, Tarrytown should be able to work with the appropriate agencies to make this happen.

Irene J. Kleinsinger,


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