Letter  To the Editor: Permanent Solution Needed for RiverWalk Upkeep

 -  13

As many of you may know, the Scenic Hudson RiverWalk has been transformed. Invasives are gone and thousands of new plants are in place. New sitting areas have emerged near the Overlook spiral and, in the northwest lawn –  amphitheater seating formed from relocated boulders. Cedar Hill Landscaping of Katonah, the contractors responsible for the large project, have done their work through heat, holidays and many questions from visitors along the way. Watering continues to be done by hand from a truck or from a Senior Center feed. Many plants are flowering but there is general overall dryness. A permanent solution is still needed. Once the two-year maintenance period of the contract is over, it is unlikely that the Village will be able to maintain the manual watering schedule. Friends of the RiverWalk Tarrytown urge residents to let the Village Administration and Board of Trustees know that you care about the RiverWalk, appreciate the work done but would like to see the necessary infrastructure in place.

RiverWalk Tarrytown South has also been transformed. The bank east of the walk has been weed-whacked, cleared of dumped timber and the asphalt has been patched. Thanks to the DPW team who did the work and to Trustee Becky McGovern, and residents Linda Viertel and Karen Garibaldi for their persistent advocacy. Take a walk on the south side to appreciate what can be done when we work together.

Pat Jones

Co-Chair, Friends of the RiverWalk

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