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Letters – Quality of Life Should Enter Debate on Express Bus

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To the Editor:

 As someone who has lived both in South Nyack (for a number of years) and in Tarrytown (now), I have some thoughts on your front-page article (in May issue) “Where the Bus Stops Matters, Depending on Where You Live.”

The debate over whether a bus similar to the Tappan Zee Express should continue to bring Rockland commuters to the Tarrytown Metro North station, as opposed to an express bus that would take them directly to the White Plains station, leaves out some of the most important factors—those relating to quality of life.

As we all know, the Hudson Line trip into Grand Central Terminal along the Hudson River is one of the most beautiful in our area. The Harlem Line trip into Grand Central from White Plains must be one of the ugliest, with apologies to anyone who lives in the communities it goes through. It’s no wonder that Rockland commuters would want to have a choice rather than losing the river views that for many are the only saving grace of a daily commute.

Such quality of life considerations should be given great importance, in my view. As a resident of Tarrytown, I would like to think that my fellow residents have enough generosity of spirit to support those fellow citizens in Rockland County who want to share the river experience with us.


Michael Balter

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