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Letters – Con Ed Gas Moratorium is a Momentous Opportunity

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To the Editor:

We believe that the Con Ed gas moratorium is an opportunity, not a crisis (Con Ed Gas Moratorium, March issue).

The real estate developers cited in your article view the moratorium as a crisis because they are depending on natural gas, which we now know accelerates the pace of global warming.  In Sleepy Hollow, the Edge-on-Hudson development has gas permits for only about a quarter of their residential units, and Con Ed cannot guarantee future permits. Heat pump technology is a clean and reliable solution.  And on March 14, New York State announced $250 million for the Westchester County Clean Energy Action Plan, to encourage the transition to clean heating and cooling technologies and increased energy efficiency while still allowing businesses to flourish.

Climate change is an existential threat that we do not have the luxury of ignoring. Our children’s futures quite literally depend on our ability to reduce greenhouse gases in the immediate future. It is imperative of all new construction to consider this reality as we plan for the next 10, 20, 30 years and beyond.

As members of Mothers Out Front, we are seeking a just transition to a clean energy future. We hope that the Village of Sleepy Hollow and the Edge-on-Hudson developers will take advantage of this momentous opportunity.


Abby Williams and Amy Hill
Members of Mothers Out Front, Westchester Rivertowns Team

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