Irvington’s Salon Zinie Changes Locations on Main Street

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by Linda Viertel – 

Master hair stylist and shop owner Zinie Shemen has been the proprietress of a highly successful unisex hair salon on Irvington’s Main Street for over 26 years. But, when faced with her landlord’s request to take over her current space, she was bereft — not wanting to leave her adopted rivertown and alter routines for her hundreds of happy clients. After a lengthy and debilitating search, she landed right back in her old hometown—directly across the street from her former location! Having moved in July, her new salon is the site of a former hair salon so that all her sparkling new state-of-the-art accoutrements were ready and waiting for her arrival, complemented by her lush plants and homey touches. Even parking stays exactly the same for all her panicked customers who were worried about locating Zinie’s new salon.

Devoted to her family and friends, and a longtime resident of Dobbs Ferry, Zinie is a hardworking beautician with talents that keep her same customers coming back year after year. Whether coloring hair, giving a simple cut, or finding a totally new style, Zinie has made a name for herself in the rivertowns amidst men and women, boys and girls.

She is always smiling, accommodating, delighted to help men and women – young, middle-aged and older – with their hair needs, and she has a knack for being able to take clients at a moment’s notice and fit them into her busy schedule when needed. Her speedy expertise helps.  Zinie’s reputation for being able to fill same-day requests and emergency styling is widespread. She is in demand at prom time, for all holidays and special occasions, and has garnered a knack for being able to style an entire wedding party. “I like to work with people of every age and do what I love to do each day,” she acknowledged.

Salon Zinie

When asked why it was so important to stay in Irvington, Zinie replied, “I wanted to stay in the rivertowns where I raised my children for many years as well as for the sustained convenience of my clients. They come from all over Westchester, Manhattan, Connecticut and across the river; Irvington is still so convenient from everywhere.”

Luckily Salon Zinie isn’t going anywhere further than across Irvington’s Main Street. Her customers are relieved and delighted.

Salon Zinie

46 Main Street
All are welcome to Zinie’s Open House on September 27, from 6-8 p.m.  Refreshments will be served.

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