Irvington Theater Manager Wins International Festival Awards for Debut Film

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Gregory Allen
Gregory Allen

When Gregory Allen took on the position of Irvington Town Hall Theater manager last year, his extensive list of achievements included award-winning author, speaker, stage producer, and actor.  He can now add award-winning film director to his credits.

At the 2015 Boston International Film Festival (April 16th-21st), Allen won the Indie Soul Best Director Award for his short film, “Mother” as well as a Platinum Remi Award at the 48th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival (April 10th-19th).  The film has also earned a spot as “Official Selection” for the April, 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival Awards, where it has been nominated for “Best Picture.”

In addition, “Mother” is an “Official Selection” for the 2015 Hoboken International Film Festival, hosted by the Paramount Theater in Middletown, New York, where it will be screened on Saturday, May 30 at 8 p.m.

Starring Beth Baur in the title role, “Mother” explores the depths of a mother’s love in the face of complicated challenges that her child’s addiction and anger issues present throughout the course of their lives.  At less than 11 minutes long, the film fully captures a relationship between mother and son in a way which defines a film short at its best: telling a complete story (in this case spanning many years) in a very short period of time while conveying emotions and images that seem to transcend time and encompass a far-reaching experience.

Allen wrote and directed the film but commends his cast, crew, and supporters for its success.  “Filmmaking is a collaboration of many people. For years I worked as a director on stage and directed red carpet events for Broadway openings; but directing my first short film was a labor of love, an amazing experience, and one I’m grateful for learning from everyone around me. I had an awesome team!”

Please visit for information about the film and to read more about Greg Allen.

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