Irvington Student Organizes March to Oppose Refugee Policy

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by Julia Friedman and Daniel Livingston

Daniel Marshall, a rising senior at Irvington High School, organized a March for Refugees on June 20 in Tarrytown.

The march began with a gathering in front of Washington Irving Elementary School in Tarrytown, where Marshall, along with Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner and Drew Paton from the South Presbyterian Church in Dobbs Ferry, addressed the crowd and discussed the reasons for the march.

“We are all here to share our support for refugees and to demand the humane treatment of children and families who are seeking refuge,” Marshall said. “Together we have the power to effect change. We have the power to welcome refugees and to allow them to shape our communities and to contribute to this glorious melting pot that we are all lucky enough to call home. We will do this through our engagement, through our actions, and most importantly through our votes.”

Marshall and all other students who attended the march walked at the front of the group, showing leadership as young activists. Many people brought signs with messages opposing the separation of families, and cars honked in support of the cause as the group marched down South Broadway in Tarrytown.

The marchers chanted “No hate, no fear.Immigrants are welcome here,” and “A people united will never be defeated.” The demographic breakdown of the marchers was mostly white with a small number of Hispanic marchers.

While marching, Feiner said, “I am disgusted with what the President of the United States is doing, and I feel that we all have to speak out. I am also very excited that a student is organizing this. It really is important that students provide leadership, and hopefully these young people will be future national leaders.”

Marshall shared his hopes that “this march will be part of a greater movement to reunite children with their families.” He added, “The community’s support was greater than I could have imagined, which makes me hopeful for the future.”

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