Irvington, Sleepy Hollow High Schools Achieve National Medal Ranking

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by Robert Kimmel

Within its annual ranking of more than 20,000 public high schools in the nation, U.S. News and World Report placed Irvington High School at number 337, and awarded it a gold medal, a status only the top 500 schools received. The school was ranked 45th in New York, among the State’s 1,252 eligible schools measured.

Sleepy Hollow High School came in at number 559 nationally and was credited with a silver medal. Within the New York State rankings, it achieved 57th place. Thirteen schools in Westchester were within the state’s top 50, with gold medals going to 55 schools state-wide. The silver medal goes to “high-performing schools based on lower college readiness.”

Three categories of medals, gold, silver and bronze are awarded, and among the national rankings, 6,041 high schools received those medals, according to U.S. News. Nationally, 2.4% of the schools had gold medals, 10.3% silver, 16.8 bronze and 70.5% received no medal at all. As its measurements, the media company writes that it evaluates “…students’ performance on required state tests, their graduation rates and their college readiness.” To be listed, a school had to have a 75% or more graduation rate.

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U.S. News and World Report ranks Irvington High School 337 in the nation and awarded it a gold medal.

Sleepy Hollow High School came in at number 559 nationally and was credited with a silver medal.


For the high school to receive a gold medal, “…students at those schools show the highest level of college readiness, based on “Advanced Placement participation rates and the proportion of students who do well on those exams.” A high school also must show that it is “…serving all of its students and not just those who are college bound,” to be rated among the best. Overall, within the national rankings, New York State’s high schools placed 12th. The state had 16.5 percent of those schools achieving gold or silver medals.

The report indicated that Irvington High School had a 97% graduation rate, and that 74% percent of the students are participating in Advanced Placement course work and exams. It noted that total minority enrollment is 24%. It also listed 9% of the student body as constituting the “Total Economically Disadvantaged” and of that group, 64% as “Proficient” on state exams, as opposed to those who were “Non-Disadvantaged” with a proficiency rate of 91.2%.

Sleepy Hollow High School had a graduation rate of 90%. Its total minority rate was listed as 67% of the student body, and the “Total Economically Disadvantaged” were listed at 55%. The “Percentage of Disadvantaged Students Who Are Proficient” stood at 70.1%, while those who were “Non-disadvantaged” and were “Proficient” was 85.4%.

US News states that its graduation rates used for the 2017 rankings, “reflects the 2015 cohort-students who entered ninth grade in the 2011-2012 school year.”

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