Irvington Dems Endorse Kehoe, Silverberg for Board

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Connie Kehoe
Connie Kehoe

The Irvington Democratic Committee endorsed Trustee Connie Kehoe and village Housing Committee Chairperson Janice Silverberg for two available seats on the Board of Trustees this fall.

Kehoe, who doubles as deputy mayor, is running for a fourth term. Silverberg previously served three terms on the Irvington Board of Education. Trustee Kristen Woll is not seeking reelection.

“Managing the day-to-day needs and operations of a community is certainly an important facet of local government,” said Kehoe.  “However it is equally important to address the long-term goals that will enable that community to grow and thrive for years to come.  In wishing to run for the honor of serving a fourth term, I am doing so with an eye towards achieving some of those long-term goals, such as completing the work of historic preservation efforts with an integrated creative Main Street Streetscape design that enhances the pedestrian experience, and business success, highlights our War Memorial more prominently, and provides a greater opportunity for an inter-generational social environment.”

Janice Silverberg
Janice Silverberg

“Good government is essential not just for our country but to maintain the quality of life in our lovely Village,” said Silverberg, who worked for the New York City Law Department as an Assistant Corporation Counsel.  “To me, good government means reaching community consensus on our goals and priorities, and then doing the work necessary to accomplish these goals.  During my tenure on the Housing Committee, I have been impressed with how the trustees on the Village Board address the range of issues affecting our Village, asking hard questions, spending the time necessary to fully consider the effects of a proposed action, and balancing the interests of various stakeholders. If elected, I would be honored to serve as a Village trustee.”

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