Irvington Democrats Endorse Three for 2016 Election

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On June 2, the Irvington Democratic Committee endorsed three candidates for the 2016 election this fall: two for the Board of Trustees, and one for Village Justice.

In a unanimous vote, the committee selected incumbent Mark Gilliland, 61, who is up for reelection, and Larry Lonky, 59, longtime chair of Irvington’s Recreation and Parks Advisory Committee, as Trustee candidates. As candidate for Village Justice, the committee selected incumbent Desmond Lyons, 48, who is also up for reelection.

“We couldn’t be more eager for the fall,” said Democratic Committee Chair, Pat Ryan. “Our candidates are all deeply experienced in dealing with the village and village issues. For years, they’ve shown their commitment to Irvington, and a dedication to civic duty. They are widely known and liked in the community. And our town is sure to benefit from their deep knowledge and passion.”

Gilliland was first elected to the Board of Trustees in 2012. His achievements over the past four years have been extensive. He recently helped formulate and roll out Irvington’s very visible and successful “Slow Down Irvington” traffic safety campaign. He is determined to continue his work on improving public safety with the new “Walk Safe” pedestrian safety initiative. Gilliland also initiated the village’s “Be Water Wise” campaign and the lawn irrigation-focused “Save Water Save Money” campaign with an eye toward environmental, conservation and affordability concerns.

Lonky has been a resident of Irvington since 1985. In 2004, he was named to the Recreation and Parks Advisory Committee (RPAC); in 2011, he succeeded Bob Munigle as Chair. In that capacity, he has been centrally involved in budgeting and programming, parks projects, and planning. His role on RPAC has given him firsthand knowledge of the interactions among all of Irvington’s departments, supervisors, workers and the Board of Trustees. Lonky’s RPAC work, his involvement in the community and his optometry practice give him a rich sense of Irvington and the needs of its citizens.

Lyons has served as Village Justice since 2010. Prior to his current position, he served as Village Prosecutor for almost a decade. A practicing lawyer for more than 20 years, and a founding partner of a White plains-based firm, Lyons’ private practice focuses on representing municipal entities, businesses, not-for-profit corporations and individuals as general counsel and in contractual and civil litigation.

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