Inquiring Photographer – “With the 15th Anniversary this year, do you feel the 9/11 attacks are becoming only a distant memory?”

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by Alexa Brandenberg

Photo by Alexa Brandenberg
Enrique, 37
Sleepy Hollow
“Yes, to some extent I think that’s true. The further away we get from anything the less impact it has. I do think the effects are lingering, as far as xenophobia, but that seems to be the new normal.”

Photo by Alexa Brandenberg
Idalia Pellegrin, 44
“I think to some degree it is, because other things are happening that may be consuming us. Unless you were directly affected it becomes just a memory that you only remember when the anniversary comes.”

Photo by Alexa Brandenberg
Zach Gross, 17

“No, the beginning of school falls at the same time and so the events are consistently talked about in my English and History classes.”

Photo by Alexa Brandenberg
Lisa Dorado, 34 (right) and Erika
“No, it’s never going to be distant. It really feels like it was just

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