Inquiring Photographer “What is the Most Romantic Thing You Have Done for Someone or Someone Has Done for You?”

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Eric-Moskowitz-INQUIRING-PHOTOG-PAGE-21Eric Moskowitz, 25
“I travelled overseas to see someone for one day.”



Tarrytown Visitor
“Someone once told me that they would share their grandchildren with me, since I wasn’t able to have children of my own.”



Phil-Dzikij-INQUIRING-PHOTOG-PAGE-21Phil Dzikiy, 33
“I acted as the tooth fairy for my wife since she didn’t have one growing up. I put $20 under her pillow for a wisdom tooth, and a note that read “I had to make up for lost time.””



Ally-Forstmann-INQUIRING-PHOTOG-PAGE-21Ally Forstmann, 45
“My husband changed all our plans just for me, to go on an adventure to the French countryside and to the Three Star restaurant Maison Pic.”



Colleen-Goudie-INQUIRING-PHOTOG-PAGE-21Colleen Goudie
Tarrytown Shop Owner
“Someone once flew in a huge bouquet of peonies for me. They are my favorite flower and they don’t grow in NY in February.”

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