Inquiring Photographer: “What Do You Enjoy Most About the Halloween Season?”

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| by Alexa Brandenberg |

Inquire--JillJill Liflander, 44
Sleepy Hollow
“I like watching adults allow themselves to play, dress up, experiment with different identities, and go outside their comfort zones.”







inquire-ElliottElliott William Beasley, 5
“The candy. And pumpkins.”








Inquire--TerenceTerence McCue, 62
Sleepy Hollow
“The excitement, the people, the tourism, and the business opportunities for Tarry- town/Sleepy Hollow merchants. Most of the thousands of tourists that come through in October come right by our restaurant.”



Inquire--Mary-JoMary Jo Morales, 55
Sleepy Hollow
“I love the tourists when they come. I love the excitement it brings to Sleepy Hollow and I’m proud to be here.”

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