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HVWC Student Showcase: Youth Edition

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In this semi-regular series, the Hudson Valley Writers Center proudly showcases recent creative writing excerpts from local students in various genres and across ages and backgrounds. For more information on classes and events at the HVWC, visit

“Landscape with the Fall of Icarus”

By Ava Mack

The darkness consuming the cragginess of the coastline; dangerous like hemlock to an open mouth. Wallowing in fear is a working man in bright red sleeves, hoping his mule would pick up speed. Not blue is the water, but green; as gargantuan ships cut through it as onlookers stumble and gawk, taken aback by the surrealness of their size. The bustling of the seaside town seems to be dimming, even in a still image it sinks away from the chirping of the birds, just like Icarus, who ceased to exist.

Ava Mack is an eighth grader at the Fox Lane Middle School in Bedford. Mrs. Daly, Ava’s English teacher recommended Writing for Middle Schoolers at the HVWC and Ava loved the experience. She is a passionate writer, a fierce soccer player, and a devoted Camp Wicosuta camper.


By Joshua Ventura

The sky was black
until electricity
rained down on the city.
The water splashed
and turned into a mist
and faded into a green forest.
The butterfly fluttered
as it landed on a
ripe cherry blossom tree.
As the tide came in,
the water crashed into
the jagged rocks.

Joshua Ventura is an eighth grader at Sleepy Hollow Middle School and lives in Tarrytown.

“Come with Me”

by Jade Hidalgo

 Come with me to see the stars
and see how the dark changes to light.
Come with me to see the trees
and how they are all different.
Come with me to see the train
and see how fast life looks like.
Come with me to see the memories we had
and see even the bad ones are precious.
Come with me to see the world
because this is the planet we live in.
Come with me to see the people
and see how different they all are.
Come with me to see that life is now
because there isn’t another.

Jade Hidalgo attends Sleepy Hollow Middle School. She enjoys dance and spending time with her family. She wrote this piece as part of the Hudson Valley Rising Writers summer camp collaboration between the Hudson Valley Writers Center and Tarrytown Arts Camp.

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