Hanna is a Perfect Fit for Irvington School Board

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To the Editor:

I write to express my strong support for the candidacy of Michael Hanna for Board of Education in Irvington. I have been fortunate to work with Michael on the Executive Board of the Irvington PTSA and as a fellow board member of Irvington United for Education for the past two plus years. Michael is someone who is extremely community minded and consensus building. I have great respect for the way he approaches multi-faceted issues, listens to others and analyzes all pertinent information before coming to a decision. Michael works tirelessly to raise the level of communication within our community on a variety of issues. He goes to seemingly endless meetings and consortiums to educate himself on issues and never tires of speaking to anyone at any time about an issue.

In this time of extreme unfunded state mandates, Michael is a perfect fit for our school board. He will be an advocate for Irvington students and tax payers and build ties to other NY communities in order to give us a louder voice in the state. For the future of our district, I hope you will join me in voting for Michael on May 19th.


Keira Munigle Smith


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