Hanna a Great Choice for Irvington Board of Ed

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To the Editor:

I am writing a letter in support of Michael Hanna in his candidacy for a seat on the Irvington Board of Education in the upcoming election on May 19th. I have gotten to know Michael very well over the last couple of years, working together as board members of Irvington United for Education on issues that are very important to both of us regarding our district’s schools. Michael is a tireless worker and equally impressive in his passion for, and knowledge of, a myriad of school related issues.

His position on the PTSA Executive committee has led to his participation in the New York Suburban Consortium for Public Education where he has established valuable relationships with key administrative and board leaders of other communities. Sharing our experiences with other like-districts in our area is an important step for our own district in facing the fiscal and educational challenges of the future. Michael is also the President of the Half Moon North Cooperative, where he lives with his wife and two daughters, and is a member of the Irvington FACE committee.

I have no doubt that Michael will immediately be able to step into a positive, contributing role on the school board. He has shown great consensus building skills in his other board roles and that, coupled with his passion for our schools, will make Michael Hanna a great choice for the Irvington Board of Education.


Erik Oley


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