Graduating Dobbs Ferry Sharpshooter Targeting College Career

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by Tom Pedulla – 

One thousand shots per day.

That is the goal for Dimaunie Meredith, an aspiring Division 1 basketball player who recently signed with Westchester Community College after leading Dobbs Ferry High School to the Section 1 Class B title.

The 6-4, 190-pound Meredith provided a strong inside scoring threat in addition to his rebounding and defensive prowess as the Eagles went 21-5 and soared to their first title in 52 years. He knows he needs to improve his outside shooting, though, and for that reason he set 1,000 shots per day as his target.

“I don’t hit it every day,” he said. “But I try my best to.”

He often must launch that many shots without the benefit of a rebounder. It is not uncommon for him to complete the arduous drill at 10 p.m. as he attempts to lock in improved shooting mechanics and develop greater range. Coaches are working with him on positioning of his elbows and on developing a better arc to his shot.

“I definitely feel I have a lot to work on,” Meredith said. “I don’t think I fulfilled my potential.”

That is a big statement considering that the 17-year-old earned All-League, All-Conference and All-Section honors as a senior. Dobbs Ferry Coach Scott Patrillo is among those excited about the teenager’s future.

“He’s just starting to scrape the surface of what he is going to be as a basketball player. He’s becoming a much more complete player,” Patrillo said. “He continues to work on his craft every day.”

Meredith attracted interest from Division 2 and Division 3 schools. Patrillo is convinced his former player can develop into a Division 1 prospect and applauded his decision to sign with Westchester.

“I think Dimaunie made a really good choice as far as what his plans are for next year in deciding to go to Westchester Community College,” the coach said. “He’s going to be able to stay local. He’s going to have the chance to grow a little bit.”

Due to his age, there is still the possibility that Meredith could add an inch or two, a seemingly slight increase that could make a big difference. He is a soft-spoken young man who is still growing in other respects.

He recently completed his studies at Dobbs Ferry with a six-week internship at the school that is required of all seniors. Among other things, he assisted with some of the details related to graduation. He expressed interest in learning about business and finance as he continues his education.

Meredith believes his final season at Dobbs Ferry was invaluable in helping him to develop in ways that had nothing to do with his skills as a guard who is also capable of playing forward.

“It taught me how to fight through adversity and not give up,” he said.

Patrillo views Westchester Community College as a logical next step for Meredith.

“He’ll get acclimated to college life. He’ll get acclimated to college basketball,” he said. “I think it will be the perfect steppingstone for his future in college basketball. You’re going to see him grow and evolve as a player. I think there will be a lot more offers down the road.”

Meredith looks forward to continuing to play in front of family members and friends at Westchester. Although he was not promised a specific role or playing time, he said, “It all seems fairly promising and I think I’m going to get an opportunity to show everyone what I can do.”

He thinks Division 1 scholarship offers are attainable. At the least, they are worth shooting for.

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