Futurescape at Lyndhurst to Compliment Scarecrows

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by Linda Viertel – 

From October 8 through the 31st, Lyndhurst’s fall landscape will be transformed by local sculptor Malcom MacDougall’s futuristic metal sculptures in conjunction with student-created scarecrows – an exciting new way to experience the traditional “scarecrow invasion.”

By using Halloween and scarecrow activities in the schools, MacDougall hopes, he says, “Students will think about how to bridge their seasonal interests to issues revolving around sculptures’ role in landscape.” Meeting with students, MacDougall has been collaborating in their scarecrow creating and contemporary mask-making. He is eager, he notes, “To get students excited about sculpture, what it means, and its uses.” Instead of thinking about sculpture as a “thing that takes up space,” he wants students to understand “how sculpture articulates space, how it exists in a context.”

To that end, students in two schools will be involved in the project, from creation to installation. Visual arts teacher, Susan Cowles-Dumitro in Mt. Pleasant’s Westlake Middle School and Michael Garguilo Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow science teacher and Environmental Club advisor are partnering with MacDougall, bringing him into their classrooms to enhance their students’ involvement in place-based visual arts.

So, whether you wish to enjoy Lyndhurst’s colorful fall foliage by day or have a mysterious night time adventure, visitors can have both experiences amidst dramatic sculptures complemented by local student scarecrows. Another unique way to celebrate Halloween in our rivertowns!


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