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French American School Offers Students a World of Knowledge

November 2, 2016

by Rick Pezzullo

Students at Lyceum Kennedy French American School form close bonds.
Students at Lyceum Kennedy French American School form close bonds.

“The major ingredients to fostering well-rounded children is bilingual education
with differentiated instruction.”
—Nozomi Kurihara, Ardsley Campus Coordinator

Nestled in a picturesque setting in the
Village of Ardsley is a little-known French
American school where students from preschool
to fifth grade are gaining a world of

Founded in 1964 in Manhattan, where
the main campus is located, Lyceum Kennedy
has occupied the classrooms of a former
Catholic school off Ashford Avenue
and Sprain Road for the last 20 years with
an emphasis on offering a bilingual education
and individualized attention to children
during their formative years.

“It’s a gem in Westchester,” said Thomas
Mitchell, a resident of Tarrytown and
chief operating officer of Lyceum Kennedy
who oversees the Ardsley campus. “This is
a great place for your child. Our teachers
are nurturing and it’s very family-oriented.
There’s a sense of community.”

Jennifer Furioli, an active parent who has
three children enrolled at Lyceum Kennedy,
said the school is unique in many ways.

“My husband is French and I am an
American. As a bicultural couple, we were
committed to giving our children a bicultural
and bilingual education, at least
through their elementary school years,” Furioli
said. “What has kept us at the school
are the teachers — they are consummate
professionals and I remain impressed at
how the English and French teachers work
hand-in-hand to teach both curriculums so
well. The small size of the school has also
fostered a wonderful familial atmosphere
where all of the parents know names of
everyone’s children, where families gather
together to carve pumpkins before Halloween
or share a picnic at the end of the school
year. It’s an exceptional community, unlike
any I have seen before and we just feel so
lucky we happened across the school.”

The mission of Lyceum Kennedy French
American School is to provide its students
“with an outstanding bilingual and bicultural
education, based on the principles
of self-expression and differentiated pedagogy.
Students gain a solid foundation that
fosters a desire for lifelong learning and
acquisition of knowledge, while preparing
them to become responsible and engaged
citizens of the world.”

“The major ingredients to fostering well rounded
children is bilingual education
with differentiated instruction,” explained
Nozomi Kurihara, Ardsley Campus Coordinator.
“We are here to facilitate learning
for the global citizens of tomorrow.”

Lyceum Kennedy follows the National
French guidelines and is accredited
by the French Ministry of Education
(l’homologation). It is also registered by
the New York State Board of Regents and
follows the New York State educational requirements
for all grade levels.

The school has a low student/teacher
ratio per classroom, with two classroom
teachers (one French and one English).
This allows for individualized classroom
instruction. Extra tutorial support for children
in need is also provided.

Lyceum Kennedy instructors emphasize
environmental awareness and encourage
students to be sensitive to how their behavior
and their decisions impact the world,
now and in the future. Students are taught
about recycling and use their own plates
and utensils.

“The building block of education is having
a strong foundation,” Mitchell said.

“Children will have a great experience and
learn to be bilingual in a very intimate environment.”

To learn more or to schedule a tour of the
Ardsley campus, call (914) 479-0722 or visit

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