Food for Thought – La Perla Poblanita Joins Tarrytown’s Thriving Culinary Scene

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New and original venues keep arriving in Tarrytown’s lower Main Street, home to Muddy Water, Trilogy Consignment, Ona, Twisted Oak and now La Perla Poblanita, an authentic  Mexican taqueria. Poblana cuisine is renowned for its rich culinary history worldwide; in fact, Puebla is the epicenter of Mexican regional food traditions.  And at La Perla (the pearl or gem) chef-owner Manuel Flores’ new small restaurant/take-out venue, lovers of Mexican food will get the best Puebla has to offer.

Flores, assisted by Waldemar Orrego and Ramiro Perez, creates his own thick maiz tortillas in-house for his sopes (circles of fried masa topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion and a choice of spicy pork, chicken, beefsteak or chorizo and sour cream), his sandal-shaped huaraches and quesadillas. Green, red and chipotle sauces are also made in-house, as is his chunky and creamy guacamole, made to order and served with freshly fried chips.

Tortas, classic Mexican sandwiches are made on fluffy buns and filled with an abundant assortment of lettuce, tomato, refried beans, squashed avocado, onion, cheese and a choice of ham, chicken, roast beef or pork make; each makes a perfect lunch. And, at La Perla, Flores specializes in chicken and beef Milanese tortas – thin cutlets breaded and deep-fried, accompanied by all the fixings – another Poblano specialty. For the authentic torta experience, try the cemita – a large, soft sesame seed-covered bun, filled with the milanese offerings or carne asada (spicy beef), avocado, mayo and papalo – a herbaceous South American plant leaf that combines the taste of arugula and cilantro.

Entrees include a molcajete (steak, chicken, sausage shrimp, nopal, avocado and fresh cheese) all served in a stone bowl and accompanied by rice and beans.  Mariscos (seafood) entrees may be a whole tilapia or shrimp in hot, Mexican or garlic sauce. And this summer, look for a cool and refreshing cocktel de camaron. Fajitas, ample dishes, with your choice of grilled chicken, steak, shrimp or rib eye come colorfully accompanied by grilled onions and peppers, fresh hot tortillas, rice and beans.

Enchiladas, quesadillas, chilaquiles (corn tortilla pieces cooked in red or green salsa and topped with cheese, meat or chicken), and 11 taco choices amplify Flores’ genuine Mexican offerings. While variously topped nachos, chicken fingers, buffalo wings, calamari and chalupas (thick tortillas – crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and garnished with a variety of toppings) supplement guacamole for a variety of appetizer choices.

The restaurant has several tables for casual lunch or dinner dining and does a brisk take-out business. Classic Mexican shakes, aguas frescas and juices complement Flores’ menu offerings. If the kids don’t already love nachos or cheese quesadillas, Flores’ provides cheeseburgers and fries as well. And, don’t forget to leave room, if possible, for dessert because a silky flan, tres leches cake, or tiramisu await. Then, keep returning to La Perla Poblanita to make sure you try the many varied tastes traditional Poblana cuisine has to offer, especially as prepared by Chef Manuel Flores.

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La Perla Poblanita
53 Main Street
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