Feiner wins 14th term as Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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By Barrett Seaman

By a two-to-one margin, incumbent Paul Feiner beat out challenger Lucas Cioffi Tuesday and held on to his seat as Greenburgh Town Supervisor, a job he has held since 1991. Cioffi, a West Point graduate, software engineer and business consultant, ran on the Greenburgh Party ticket. He takes some solace in the fact that voter turnout was more than twice what it had been in the last off-year election two years ago. “I’m thankful that we got a third of the vote—more than any other challenger in 20 year,” he told The Hudson Independent. “It’s great to see there is so much more interest and awareness.”

Feiner. who last faced a challenger in 2007, said he welcomes Mr. Cioffi’s suggestions to upgrade the town’s technology, including adoption of a 311 line to access local governmental services. In the aftermath of the election, Feiner said he sent Cioffi an e-mail “inviting him to be a part of a committee I’m forming to follow up on his technology suggestions. I like the 311 concept and sent out an e-mail earlier today inviting people to participate in the work order/ citizen tracking initiative.”

A political neophyte, Cioffi had to overcome weak name recognition and a lack of party support. Where Feiner’s name ran across the top of the ballot among other Democrat candidates, Cioffi’s name was at the bottom of the ballot, which some voters claimed they never saw. In an off-year election that was mostly about local officials, very few incumbents faced any opposition.

“The next election should have plenty of choices,” says Cioffi. “Whether it’s me or other people running, I hope that there would be more candidates than seats, for both Supervisor and the Town Board during the next election in two years.”

After taking time to restore his business and family life to normalcy, Cioffi plans to initiate a conference to generate ideas to improve public policy and government. In the wake of his election loss, he invited town residents to sign up to participate at He says that in two days, some 90 people had signed up.

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