Feiner Continues Criticism of USPS Mail Delivery Following Local Test

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by Robert Kimmel – 

A localized test of the U.S. Postal Service Mail delivery in Greenburgh has not changed Town Supervisor Paul Feiner’s opinion about the service.

Town Supervisor Paul Feiner
Town Supervisor Paul Feiner

“I continue to believe that there should be congressional hearings on postal service operations,” he maintained. “I continue to receive complaints on a daily basis from residents who complain about mail being sent to the wrong person, and checks, prescriptions and bills not being received.”

His comments followed the test which took place late in October. The project was conducted “in response to concerns and complaints” to his office,  Feiner said. Volunteers sent test mailings from within the town to others with addresses in Greenburgh. To maintain the integrity of the test, he explained, the names and addresses were kept confidential. “A retired Postal Service Manager coordinated the test to ensure it met established Postal Service test procedures and methodologies,” Feiner stated.

As he described it, the volunteers were given pre-addressed envelopes in packs called “bundles.” Each bundle was given a code for tracking purposes. The letters were mailed individually to addresses in Irvington, Hastings on Hudson, Ardsley, Hartsdale and White Plains. There were eight separate bundle mailings made, according to Feiner. Each mailing consisted of 10 pieces of letter-size envelopes.

“There were a variety of mailing locations that included post office lobby boxes, blue collection boxes on streets, and mail placed in residential mail boxes for pick up by carriers,“ he explained.

Feiner noted that the Postal Service’s delivery standard calls for “all First-Class letter mail originating and destinating in the test area is two days. The USPS Service Performance goal for this measurement is 96 percent,” he said.

The results for the 80 pieces sent out had 72 pieces delivered on time for a “Service Score” of 90 percent on time delivery. One bundle was eliminated from the test because it had been placed in a blue collection box following a “last collection time pickup of 8:30 a.m.” While some of the pieces from that bundle were delivered on time, the data from that mailing was not included in the test. Another bundle was placed in a residential mailbox for carrier pickup. From that bundle, only two pieces were delivered on time, and eight failed the delivery time test. It was noted that bar code on the envelopes can be traced, and that it “allows comparison of the on-time pieces versus the failed pieces.” The envelopes from that bundle mailing were turned over to the USPS Westchester District for “analysis and determining service improvement opportunities.”

“Although some people mention that their full-time postal service carriers are great, the postal service uses many part-time employees,” Feiner stated. “I have also received complaints – no deliveries on some dates. Two days ago, I received a letter sent to my home in Greenburgh that was supposed to go to a resident of Claremont Avenue in Mount Vernon!”

Prior to the test, Feiner said, “I spoke with the chief operating officer of the United States Postal Service. He is determined to address the problems residents are experiencing. I communicate with the regional administrator for the U.S. Postal Service a few times a week, sometimes daily. I don’t think it’s only a local problem. It’s national.”

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