Encouraged by Grant, Paws Crossed Expects Good Pet Rescue Year

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by Robert Kimmel – 

Bolstered by a recent grant, Paws Crossed Animal Shelter is heading toward a banner year rescuing pets and adopting them out. The no-kill shelter in Elmsford has placed nearly 400 dogs and cats into new homes so far this year.  “Last year we had 720 animals and adopted out 688, and we are on target to do as well, or better in 2018,” said Julie Potter, the facility’s Business and Development Manager.

A grant from The Phillips Charitable Foundation last month, “will allow us to rescue even more pets in 2018,” stated Jennifer Angelucci, CEO of the shelter. “More rescues mean more potential adoptions and, in turn, more opportunities to educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering your pet and the no-kill philosophy.”

The first Marie Barth grant from the Phillips Foundation will provide for the spaying or neutering of as many as “25 to 30 orphaned pets, preparing them for their forever homes,” said Angelucci. All of the pets taken in by Paws Crossed are either spayed or neutered. While the operations are performed now by local veterinarians, Paws Crossed is planning the construction of an on-site medical facility where the work can be done, according to Potter. She said that the shelter’s expansion, including a new adoption room and three new cat rooms will likely be completed next year, and “bring the entire facility to its 100 percent working condition, which is going to be fabulous.”

Paws Crossed is a no-kill shelter that in August was home to 28 cats, with an additional 10 in foster homes, and it had 85 dogs waiting to be adopted, with a capacity for 104. “We have a very good turn-over rate,” Potter noted. “Generally, they stay with us for a week to two weeks, while some, older or bigger, stay with us a bit longer.”

Patricia Napolitano, Manager of Grants and Due Diligence of Phillips Charitable Foundation, described Paws Crossed as, “An organization with a clear mission statement, effective leadership, and the motivation and passion to make things happen. Together, they are doing their part to solve a humanitarian problem,” she said. Paws Crossed mission statement is “Rescue one by one until there are none.”

The shelter, at 100 Warehouse Lane South, Elmsford, celebrates its Third Annual Paws Crossed Day on Sunday, September 16, so that, it states, “As a community we can share the anniversary in the wonderful building…and will continue the tradition of great vendors, amazing food trucks, wonderful entertainment, games and, of course, lots of heartwarming adoptions.”

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