Eileen Fisher Institute Partners with Self-Love Non-Profit

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by Joe Rickles – 

Kim Weiler founder of The Love Group

The Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute has partnered with The Love Group, a non-profit organization that aims to inspire young women and girls to be their best selves. The Institute planned two summer seminars led by The Love Group: one on July 18 and a second on August 8.

The Love Group, founded by Long Island native Kim Weiler, is a New York-based speaking agency that travels nationwide to high schools, rehabilitation centers and other venues. The organization has more than 30 speakers (all women) whose backgrounds range from those of professional athletes to stylists to lawyers.

According to Weiler, The Love Group was founded in order to keep today’s youth from experiencing the shame that she felt during her childhood. “I kind of lived a lot of my life feeling shame, and if it wasn’t at home it was in all different aspects of my life. There’s experiences we have to have, and I get that, but I just feel like the journey of our youth could be much easier.”

Though there are no specific dates set for future seminars with the Leadership Institute, Weiler is preparing for the future of The Love Group. Weiler noted that she plans on beginning seminars for young men as well, saying “boys need [self-love] as much as girls.” She also expressed a desire to have conferences and summits run by The Love Group that would further spread the message of self-love.

As for the partnership between The Love Group and the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute, the summer program seminars will not be the last time these two groups link. “We’ve already talked about how we really want to work together more often… It’s really a beautiful relationship that we’re building right now,” she noted.

“There’s so many amazing organizations out there doing stuff like this. We’re doing the same thing,” Weiler said. “There’s no competition here, and there shouldn’t be. It should be us all working together to make a bigger impact. We all have the same mission, really.”

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