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Edge on Hudson Townhomes Now on Sale and Open for Showings

September 10, 2020

By Barrett Seaman

After years of planning, cleaning, landscaping and building, Edge on Hudson, the ambitious 1,177-unit mixed use luxury living complex on the site of the old GM plant on the Sleepy Hollow waterfront, is open for business.

First up for grabs is a batch of luxury townhomes, 46 of which have been sold as of the second week of September. Four or five of the new owners have already moved in.

The units range in size from 2,342 to 2,517 sq. ft. and in price from roughly $1.2 to $1.5. They will be taxed as if they were single family homes. Condominiums, also built by Toll Brothers, will be taxed by the Village of Sleepy Hollow as single family homes but at the lower rate for condos and coops by the Town of Mt. Pleasant and Public Schools of the Tarrytowns.

Each has at least three bedrooms with a fourth as an alternative study, three-and-a-half baths and penthouse balconies with built-in outdoor grilling and dining areas. The corner units feature wrap-around balconies with 90-degree views.


Open architecture reminiscent of NYC lofts

The interiors, with 10-ft. ceilings, are in the open architecture style reminiscent of lofts in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, from which about half the new owners, so far, are coming. The units are four stories high, but each is designed to accommodate an elevator for prospective buyers unwilling or unable to navigate three flights of stairs.


Penthouse balcony has its own kitchen area

The model units now open to the public are set back from the riverfront. Further construction between their location and the river will impinge on the wide-open views that exist now. However, the builders promise that gaps between clusters still to be built will ensure that the Hudson will always be in sight.


Master Bedroom likely to have river views

When all the building is done, the complex will include a DeCicco & Sons supermarket with adjacent pharmacy, room for two or three restaurants near the river and ground floor office and retail space, giving it the look and feel of a multi-purpose community. There will be shuttle service to Tarrytown’s Metro North station.
Besides townhomes and condominiums, Edge on Hudson will include 188 market-rate rental apartments along the inland side of the property and 60 units of affordable housing for seniors.


Guest rooms can also serve as home office space

Model homes are now open to the public for the first time, but visitors are asked to schedule an appointment in advance. Information is available at www.edgeonhudson.com or an appointment can be scheduled with Toll Brothers by phone at 844-834-5263.


Not all units will have unobstructed views of the Mario Cuomo Bridge like this
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