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Letters: Dobbs Ferry MOONBALL Event Raises $18,000 for Local Boy With Fatal Disease

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(Story by W.B. King, The Hudson Independent, Dec. 2019)

To the Editor:

Thanks to your article in The Hudson Independent MOONBALL FEVER is going international! Brooke was contacted by a Canadian family with a boy who was newly diagnosed:  They want to start their own kickball tournament!  How cool is that?

We are feeling very grateful. This mission is a personal one for us.  You did a beautiful job of capturing what we are all about. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback since the article.  It’s gratifying to know that our message is resonating with others.

The impact of a formal written piece like this (especially in the digital age) means more to us than can adequately be put into words. Jacob is very literally fighting for his life.  We are doing what we can to surround him and his family with positivity and support as they face a devastating reality. Thanks to you and your editors, others were inspired to join our efforts to Kick Sanfilippo to the MOON! We receive this news as evidence that positive energy is spreading and friendship wins!

Many Thanks,

Patti Hartnett
Friend & Fan of Jacob Moon

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