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Metric Envy

METRIC ENVY: How many feet does it take to kick out Imperial measures? By Krista Madsen– There is much I would like to challenge about America (our nonexistent gun control, our in-name-only democracy, the fact that someone charged in four criminal cases can st... More »


Alien | Other

ALIEN | OTHER: Is egocentrism universal? By Krista Madsen– We humans are nothing if not self-involved. We tend to think—if there are alien life forms anywhere else in the universe—that they would somehow keep hovering here on earth like fruitflies over bananas... More »


Aliens Like Us

ALIENS LIKE US: Projecting ourselves into the cosmos By Krista Madsen– In recent weeks I’ve spiralled Heptapod ink swirls, explored a UFO Fair and its dubiously coiffed abductee, and now—before I leap into the grander philosophical matters of universal Alonene... More »


Abduction Junction

ABDUCTION JUNCTION: Until I can afford a SpaceX flight, there’s Pine Bush By Krista Madsen– Last week I swirled around the alien language of the great movie Arrival and emerged with a new edit for my old tattoo. Color me human but in my world, the measure of t... More »


Spin Me

SPIN ME: The alien language that comes full circle By Krista Madsen– The curriculum of my high school physics class involved the teacher playing Beatles records backward for us (“turn me on, dead man”), helping us find subliminal (and overt) sexual messages in... More »


Glimmer vs. Trigger

GLIMMER VS. TRIGGER: Seeking the shine in the darkness By Krista Madsen– THE SETTING My baseline is anxiety. I’m the over-inflated beachball bounced by all the boogery pre-K kids in a circle holding the parachute. The parachute, though soft at rest, is precari... More »


A Fond Farewell to Riviera

By Shana Liebman– Westchester residents are mourning the recent announcement that Riviera Bakehouse, the beloved Ardsley bakery, is closing its doors after 70 years in business. “The response has been tremendous,” says Liv Hansen, who has owned the bakery sinc... More »


Like Yourself First

LIKE YOURSELF FIRST: Self-love vs. Selfies By Krista Madsen– PYRAMID SCHEMES The first thing I do when I post my essays on my Substack blog is to give them a like. Which on that platform comes in the form of clicking to color an empty outline heart red. It’s s... More »


Party of One

PARTY OF ONE: Living and Dying Alone By Krista Madsen– In recent weeks, I’ve been examining loneliness—the epidemic and it’s new New York ambassador in Dr. Ruth; those few who, when real life partners don’t work out or seem possible, opt instead for a fictosex... More »


Marry a Character

MARRY A CHARACTER: Exploring Fictosexuality in a Lonely Trilogy By Krista Madsen– Anyone on a dating app these days can tell you there are more sexualities out there than you ever knew needed to exist. A brief primer of some of the more unique flavors and the ... More »


Only the Lonely

ONLY THE LONELY: The epidemic and the ambassador By Krista Madsen– Dr. Ruth Westheimer, cute and candid sex therapist many of us grew up listening to across radio/TV in the 1980s-90s, at the mere age of 95 has just been appointed by Governor Hochul New York St... More »



GHOSTED: Ghosting means you are a piece of sheet By Krista Madsen– NOT A HAUNTING BUT A HOLLOWING There’s the movie from early 2023 no one probably saw with Ana de Armas having a fling with a regular looking guy and then abruptly going dark, unresponsive to hi... More »


Filthy Rich

FILTHY RICH: The rise and fall of the rare female billionaire By Krista Madsen– Yes, Taylor Swift is dating a football player, whoopdeedoo, but also—better breaking news: broke through the Female Billionaire Glass Ceiling. Not that we didn’t see that coming. S... More »


The Poe-Poe

THE POE-POE: Black cats and dark tales By Krista Madsen– My eighth grade daughter is reading her first Edgar Allan Poe stories in school, our pet is an everlasting black cat named Poe, I just dusted off this beautiful Poe collection on my bookshelf, suddenly t... More »


Memento Mori

MEMENTO MORI: Last words and posthumous portraits By Krista Madsen– “Remember you must die” This is the translation of memento mori from the Latin. The greatest truth that binds us. While constantly “remembering death” (the fact that you will die, that is) gre... More »


The Madness

THE MADNESS: On Taking No To The Nth By Krista Madsen– The Fall of the House of… Come October when life in Sleepy Hollow turns into a twisted game of trying not to run over jaywalking Halloween tourists, I become fully thematic. Numerous attic boxes of dark tr... More »


Punk Rock Stutter

PUNK ROCK STUTTER: When your flaws are bad-ass By Krista Madsen– Author Darcey Steinke is the child of a minster in the stereotypical ways—she revolted against rules and religion as a teen and has since written razor sharp fiction with characters as fierce and... More »


She’s Only Seventeen

SHE’S ONLY SEVENTEEN: These freaky, formative years in fiction and life By Krista Madsen– Beth Hahn, of Mt. Kisco, co-creator of the gorgeously crafted new literary zine -ette, is also the author of the novel The Singing Bone, a dark tale exploring what become... More »


How to Be Happy, 1953

HOW TO BE HAPPY, 1953: Vs. Now…Not So Much By Krista Madsen– If my reward for unhoarding my parents was finding How to Be Happy, then it was a worthy mission indeed. Buried in all the unfathomable piles was this edition of Science Digest of 1953, among innumer... More »


Bee’s Knees

BEE’S KNEES: At the joint between etymology and entomology By Krista Madsen– In the interest of being open to what the universe offers, credits go to my daughter who gave me this week’s topic: write about the “bee’s knees” she suggested, as we giggled on a roa... More »

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