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Historical marker in Irvington New York

Don’t Abandon Villa Lewaro

Mrs. He­lena Do­ley, a board mem­ber of The Do­ley Foun­da­tion, has been re­peat­edly ap­proached by Irv­ing­to­ni­ans and other cit­i­zens of Westch­ester County ex­press­ing their dis­may with the cur­rent state of the Villa Lewaro, also known as the Madame... More »

Letters box - letters to the editor in the Rivertowns

Re-Elect Tom Abinanti

To the Editor: While I deplore the incredible waste in this unnecessary Primary of resources that ought to have been directed to Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, New Hampshire, and other battleground states, I have no doubt that we should and need to re-elect Tom Abi... More »

Hudson Independent letters to the editor

Our Policy on Letters to the Editor

The Hudson Independent is a news outlet covering the rivertown villages of the lower Hudson River Valley. As such, our focus is local. While our readers care as much about national and international issues as anyone elsewhere, unless there is a discernible loc... More »

Eyeglass check

Reject Abinanti’s Dangerous Views on Vaccines

Your mailbox is probably filling with political postcards.  Assemblyman Abinanti’s mailers are confusing because he has in the past put forth legislation to give people more leeway to opt out of vaccinations for philosophical reasons, and reject science. https... More »


Vote for Shimsky

I’m writing to encourage everyone who is reading this to vote for Mary Jane Shimsky for the 92nd Assembly District in the upcoming June 28th Democratic primary.  Early Voting Starts has started and election Day is June 28th.  There are primaries for both parti... More »


A Vote for Abinanti

On June 28th I am voting for Tom Abinanti for re-election to the NYS Assembly in the Democratic Primary in the 92nd AD (Mount Pleasant, most of the Town of Greenburgh including the river towns, and part of Yonkers). As an issue-driven voter and senior who focu... More »

Shimsky is the Best Candidate for District 92

Dear Editor: I am writing in support of MaryJane Shimsky for State Assembly.  Shimsky has been on the Westchester County Board of Legislators for the past 11 years and has been the Majority Leader for the past two – a role from which she stepped down for the s... More »

Bring Justice to These Domestic Terrorists

To the Editor:The idea of justice in our society is a recurring theme. What is justice? How does one obtain justice? Is justice delayed, justice denied? While I toy with these ideas daily, I see the justice system failing individuals, marginalized groups, and ... More »

“An Especially Callous Vote”

Dear Editor, I was disappointed to learn that Assemblyman Tom Abinanti was the lone Democrat on the Codes Committee to vote against a proposed change to how handgun licensing fees are managed in Westchester County. Currently, our county government subsidizes t... More »

Justice Denied

To the Editor: The idea of justice in our society is a recurring theme. What is justice? How does one obtain justice? Is justice delayed, justice denied? While I toy with these ideas daily, I see the justice system failing individuals, marginalized groups, and... More »

Letters box - letters to the editor in the Rivertowns

Letters to the Editor supporting Dana Levenberg for Assembly

Dear Editor, I am writing in support of Dana Levenberg, candidate for NYS 95th Assembly District. Informed last fall that an Afghan refugee was resettling in Ossining, Dana reached out to find a way that the community could help this refugee and others – with ... More »


Maximum Sentence for Abortion Clinic Invaders

To the Editor: We write to express our opinion that the three defendants who were found guilty of criminal trespass for invading the All Women’s Health & Medical Services on November 27, 2021 must be given the maximum sentence allowed by law: 3 months in jail,... More »

Hudson Independent letters to the editor

Levenberg for Assemblywoman

Dear Editor, Though I will be saddened to lose her as my Town Supervisor, I’m excited to vote for Dana Levenberg to be my next Assemblywoman. Let me tell you why. No one works harder than Dana. In any meeting or event where you see her, she is always fully eng... More »


A Vote For Dana Levenberg

Dear Editor, As an activist, my number one issue is environmental justice. That’s why, in the upcoming Assembly race, I am supporting the candidate with the strongest track record of action on this issue – Dana Levenberg. Under Dana’s leadership, Ossining has ... More »

An Exceptional Representative Who Will Be Missed

To the Editor:   I was disappointed to learn that Congressman Mondaire Jones will no longer represent Greenburgh in the United States Congress. Thanks to redistricting, the Congressman has decided to run for his Congressional seat in a new district in NYC. Con... More »

Help For Those In Need Of Baby Formula

To the Editor: Many parents with babies are stressed because they are having a difficult time getting the formula they need for their child. I would like to help. If you are having difficulty finding a formula your child needs please e mail me at pfeiner@green... More »

Support Our Restaurant Workers

Dear Letters Editor:   In these difficult economic times, it is important to patronize your favorite restaurants and honor the employees who make them a success.  Now that most of us have received our COVID-19 vaccine, lets all celebrate May 21st National Wait... More »

Time to Enlarge the Court

To the Editor: When Donald Trump was in office, he and Mitch McConnell made three lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court. McConnell went so far as to defy Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dying wish—that the next president appoint her replacement—by packing the Court... More »

Dialysis, Kidney Transplant Patients Need Lawmakers To Help

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) caused my kidneys to fail nearly 30 years ago. Since then, I’ve been on and off dialysis as FSGS and the treatments it requires have taken their toll on my health and several transplant kidneys. The treatment process a... More »

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