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COVID Update: There’s Good News and There’s…More Good News

By Barrett Seaman— It was painful to watch, even if one wasn’t an actual victim of the Omicron surge that hit New York State as hard as anyplace during the predicted onslaught following the Christmas/New Year’s holidays. Infection rates that had been in the lo... More »


Scams Abound, Exploiting Holiday Buying Concerns

By Dean Gallea– A rash of phone-based scams is hitting mobile and landline phones around the area. Scores of local residents on neighborhood sharing sites like Nextdoor have reported getting the unusually-slick calls from criminal operations posing as banking ... More »


County Budgets $1.3 Million to Fund RiverWalk Extension

  This story was updated as of Dec. 9 at 2:00 p.m. By Barrett Seaman– Following the failure to win approval of a grant application intended to pay for a preliminary environmental review, County Executive George Latimer announced this week that the county was s... More »


Brown and Four Others Sworn Into Newly Refreshed Tarrytown Board

By Barrett Seaman– Oftentimes, when Tarrytown’s trustee meeting room is packed with people, it’s because some controversial issue is on the agenda. Not on Monday night, December 6th. The mood was entirely festive as enrobed Village Justice Kyle C. McGovern pre... More »


Latimer Declares COVID State of Emergency

This story has been updated as of 7:00p.m. Tuesday, December 7 By Barrett Seaman— Since their springtime lows, the metrics by which the state and the county measure the seriousness of the COVID pandemic locally have been creeping up steadily. Infection rates t... More »


Dobbs Ferry Latest Village To Opt Out of Cannabis Facilities

By Barrett Seaman— After three public hearings—the last of which ran over three hours, the Dobbs Ferry Board of Trustees voted on Tuesday, November 23rd to opt out of having either a cannabis dispensary or a consumption lounge within the village. The vote foll... More »


Tributes Presented to Rotary Club as it Marks 100 Years

By Robert Kimmel — With several state and county representatives attending and offering their accolades, the Rotary Club of the Tarrytowns celebrated its 100th anniversary Monday evening. It was in November 1921 when the initial group of 17 members formed the ... More »


Vaccines for Kids: Plenty of Doses, Plenty of Sites

By Barrett Seaman— The push is on to get as many 5-to-11-year-olds as possible vaccinated for COVID-19. So far, the only approved vaccine is the Pfizer-BioNTech, given to youngsters at about a third the dose it has been to adults, but approval for Moderna and ... More »


A Chance To Hear Afghan Music

By Barrett Seaman — The event at Dobbs Ferry’s South Church on Sunday, Nov. 21, will not be your typical rivertowns fundraiser, though it is indeed an effort to raise money in support of resettlement efforts on behalf of refugees recently arrived from Afghanis... More »


State Redistricting Commission Ponders How to Divvy Up Westchester

By Barrett Seaman — Dividing up a population as large and diverse as New York State’s into equitable voting blocks for State Assembly, State Senate and U.S. congressional districts is inherently fraught with risk under any circumstances. Think of it as a timed... More »


They’re Here! COVID Vaccines for 5-Through-11–Year-Olds

By Barrett Seaman — Normally, the parking lot behind the medical office building on Ashford Avenue in Dobbs Ferry would be empty on a Sunday. Not last Sunday, Nov. 7, however. Cars moved in and out throughout the day as a team of three doctors shuttled medical... More »


No Contest in Dobbs Ferry Elections

By Barrett Seaman— First term Mayor Vincent Rossillo led a Democratic ticket that placed two new trustees and one incumbent trustee in office for the next two years. In the final count as of Wednesday morning, incumbent Trustee Michael Patino had amassed 1,315... More »


Irvington Dems Brush Aside Write-in Votes To Sweep Village Offices

By Barrett Seaman— Incumbent Mayor Brian C. Smith and two first-time trustee candidates, Arlene Burgos and Mitchell Bard, sailed to victory in Irvington Tuesday. Smith accumulated 1,207 votes without any opposition. Burgos and Bard each surpassed a thousand vo... More »


Brown and Dems Fend off Two Slates of Challengers in Tarrytown

By Brianna Staudt — Tarrytown Mayoral Candidate and Trustee Karen Brown and the three candidates for trustee joining her on the Democratic slate soundly defeated challenges from fellow Trustee Doug Zollo, former mayor Paul Janos and their running mates. With a... More »


The Supply Chain Crisis Isn’t Just Global — it’s Local

By Barrett Seaman — Hardly a day goes by without a headline story about the breakdown in the international supply chain that moves goods — both finished products and their myriad components — around the world and keeps the economy humming. We see photos of the... More »


Candidates Run Unopposed in Dobbs Ferry and Irvington

By Barrett Seaman — While the hot races for mayor and three trustee seats head into the final stretch in Tarrytown, unopposed candidates — all Democrats — are virtually assured election on Nov. 2 in Dobbs Ferry and Irvington. (Sleepy Hollow’s cycle calls for e... More »


Tarrytown Police Unveil Memorial

By Brianna Staudt — The Tarrytown Police Department unveiled a memorial over 20 years in the making late this afternoon before a large crowd of police department families, local officials and community members. The memorial is located under a tree to the right... More »


Irvington Board Decides To Opt Out of Selling Cannabis in 2022

By Barrett Seaman — At its Oct. 18 regular meeting, the Irvington Board of Trustees agreed informally that it would officially opt out of selling — either in a dispensary or a consumption facility — marijuana — at least in the first round, which would permit s... More »

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