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Mortgage-Stressed Homeowners Ignoring Potential Assistance

By Robert Kimmel– Many Westchester homeowners, some seriously behind in their mortgage payments because of hardships imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, are failing to take advantage of available financial help from the county. The initial funding, part of the c... More »

COVID Update: Bracing for the Onslaught

By Barrett Seaman– The night before Thanksgiving and the news is not good. Despite all the reasoning, pleading and in some cases haranguing from public officials, COVID continues its stealthy pace through the country at large right down through the rivertowns.... More »

COVID Update: “A Toxic Cocktail”

By Barrett Seaman– As the numbers continue to climb, the language used by officials in the state and county become more apocalyptic. “These are dangerous times we live in,” said the governor at his daily briefing. “We are in a place where there is bad synergy…... More »

COVID Update: Trouble in Sleepy Hollow

By Barrett Seaman— With the numbers up everywhere across the nation, it is not surprising to see them climb locally. “COVID is raging nationally, setting record numbers of cases and hospitalizations with each passing day,” remarked Governor Cuomo in his Thursd... More »

COVID Update: Down Comes the Hammer

By Barrett Seaman— The upward climb now seems inexorable. In the so-called micro-clusters, the infection rate is just below five percent. More disturbing, throughout New York State, the rate is closing in on three percent. Twenty-one people died of COVID on Mo... More »

COVID Update: ”The Best You Can Do Is Manage The Increase”

By Barrett Seaman– On the day when Pfizer Pharmaceuticals announced that its COVID vaccine has achieved 90% efficacy in trials, news from the world at large, the U.S., New York State and Westchester County only highlighted the growing need for something to sto... More »

COVID Update: Neither Fearmongering Nor Sugarcoating

By Barrett Seaman— The increases in several key metrics—new infections, hospitalizations and deaths—are not so great that they threaten to trigger new lockdowns, said County Executive George Latimer in his weekly COVID briefing Monday, but their trendline in t... More »

COVID Update: Calling an Audible

By Barrett Seaman— With the viral landscape shifting, seemingly every day, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to adjust his strategies to meet changing circumstances. The state as a whole continues to hold COVID-19 at bay, with a statewide positivity rat... More »

COVID-19 Update: Improved Standing in a Deteriorating World

By Barrett Seaman— Out of 50 U.S. states, New York is now the second safest in terms of COVID-19 infection rates. Only Maine has better numbers. And yet, the situation in the Empire State overall and Westchester County specifically is not as good this week as ... More »

COVID Update: Whack-a-mole

By Barrett Seaman The tinderbox represented by the “Red Zone” hotspots in Orange, Rockland, Brooklyn and Queens did not burst into flame over the weekend, as feared. The positivity rate for what Governor Cuomo has come to call “micro-clusters” was 3.25%, and t... More »

COVID Update: This time, the Pause is Good

By Barrett Seaman— The recent concerning rise in COVID infections in Westchester, combined with the flare-ups across the river and in the city, appears to have reversed itself…at least for the time being. New cases in the county that had begun to breach the 20... More »

COVID Update: Getting Too Close to Home

By Barrett Seaman— It’s one thing to insist that folks coming from Alaska and Nevada have to quarantine for 14 days after arriving in New York State. But telling visitors—in many cases commuters—from Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania that their states’ ... More »

COVID Update: The News is Not Good

By Barrett Seaman— County Executive George Latimer’s weekly COVID briefing on October 19 stood in contrast with the upbeat reports he has been giving since mid-summer. “We are looking at a rise in infections that is concerning,” he allowed. Active cases in Wes... More »

One Small Step: You May Go to the Movies Again

  THIS STORY WAS UPDATED AT 6:30PM, OCTOBER 17, 2020 By Barrett Seaman— Despite the slow but worrisome climb in COVID infection rates around the state, Governor Cuomo has now given the green light for movie theaters to re-open, starting October 23rd. Not all o... More »