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Village of Irvington Board of Trustees Round-Up

by Barrett Seaman –  Short-term Rentals: Irvington’s Well-Intentioned Plan Gets Caught in Crossfire In its ongoing quest for ways to mitigate the high cost of homeownership in the village, Irvington’s trustees have allowed homeowners to take in boarders, maint... More »


Cold and Gray But Definitely Green

The snow was gone but the air was damp and raw as thousands–marchers, watchers, family members–gather along Main Street and up and down Broadway for the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday. More »


Irvington School Board Drops Plans for Garage Behind Dows Lane

by Barrett Seaman –  Public school capital bond issues to fund projects beyond the scope of a district’s current accounts budgets come up only every decade or so. Irvington’s last one was in 2004, so it was not unexpected that the need for more money to pay fo... More »


Village of Irvington Settles on New Parking Regulations

by Barrett Seaman –  Following months of examining traffic and usage patterns and weighing the trade-offs, Irvington trustees, in early January, passed a new set of parking regulations bound to please some residents at least some of the time. The goal was to “... More »


Irvington School Board Refers Lubinsky Case to Westchester DA

By Barrett Seaman Apparently convinced by a preliminary review of Jesse Lubinsky’s activities beyond his job as the Irvington School District’s Director of Information and Technology, the Board of Education has referred the case to the Westchester County Distr... More »


Former Irvington School Tech Administrator Sues District Parent

by Barrett Seaman –  Days before The Journal News tax columnist David McKay Wilson published the results of his four-month long investigation into alleged moonlighting by Jesse Lubinsky with tech giant Google’s education partner EdTech, the Irvington school bo... More »


Nevis Labs in Irvington Hosts “Science-on-Hudson”

Public Lecture Series by Barbara Moroch –  Galileo Galilei. Isaac Newton. Albert Einstein. All easily recognizable names of renowned physicists who have made quantum leaps in our understanding of the universe and our place in it. Physics is arguably the bedroc... More »


Irvington Girls Basketball Coach Maher Notches 700th Career Win

by Tom Pedulla –  Gina Maher recently reached an extraordinary milestone when she earned her 700th victory at Irvington, an unprecedented total for a New York State Athletic Association girls basketball coach. Her remarkable resume also includes five state cha... More »


New Owner Outlines Plans for Irvington’s Villa Lewaro

by Barrett Seaman –  Most applicants for non-traditional uses of prominent properties in Irvington can expect to be greeted by skeptical regulators and nervous neighbors worried about disruption of their placid village lifestyle. But not Richelieu Dennis. The ... More »


Solar Farm Proposed for East Irvington as Clean Energy Source

by Robert Kimmel –      The Town of Greenburgh is anticipating a formal application within the next several months from a company that has proposed building a solar farm in East Irvington. Representatives of the company, Cap Vert Energie (CVE), met preliminari... More »