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Inquiring Photographer: What is your favorite Day Vacation and why?

| by Alexa Brandenberg | Pete Loja, 20 Tarrytown “I like to take my two dogs for walks on the Aqueduct Trail.  I find it relaxing.”             Leo Letter Carrier in Tarrytown “I usually just stay home, relax, and enjoy the day off.  I like Ocean City, MD, but... More »

Inquiring Photographer: “What are your plans for the Summer?”

|  by Alexa Brandenberg  |  Sophie Mancini, 19 Tarrytown “My plans are to work at Mrs. Green’s, hang out, and take care of my Dad who has recently developed Myeloma.”           [divider] Mike McAuley, 52 Tarrytown “I’m going to walk some every day. I like to b... More »

Mark Rogers

“What do you like most about living in the Rivertowns?”

Mark Rogers, 48  Tarrytown “You can have all the experiences of the city and also the tranquility of a quiet community. There isn’t the anonymity of the city, but that can be a benefit – you have to know who you are and who you live with.”           Mary Fox T... More »


Inquiring Photographer “What do you look forward to most about Spring?”

| by Alexa Brandenberg |             Katie Nordhoff, 28 Tarrytown “Being outdoors.”             John Hilken, 44 Tarrytown “The warm weather.”                   Anthony White, 33 Tarrytown “Warmer weather. I work outdoors.”             Maria Donovan Tarrytown “... More »


“What do you do to stay healthy?”

Lesa Dalton, 50+ Works in Tarrytown “I try to eat a lot of vegetables and low fat foods. I exercise when I can, and I don’t smoke.”                           Barbara Turk Sleepy Hollow “I walk my dog, Kona, at Rockefeller or Rockwood for an hour a day.”       ... More »