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In­quir­ing Pho­tog­ra­pher – October 2018

What Do you Enjoy Most About Halloween in the Rivertowns?   by Alexa Brandenberg –  Jon Vercesi – Tarrytown “Watching all the children have so much fun.”   Jefferson Saico – Sleepy Hollow “I like the block party with the hayride in Sleepy Hollow”   Symantha Ou... More »


Inquiring Photographer – June 2018

by Alexa Brandenberg “What Do You Look Forward to Most About Summer?” Julianna Santos Tarrytown “To be outdoors as much as I can. As a Brazilian, being indoors for eight months is murder.” Jennifer Green Sleepy Hollow “I look forward to the beach and playing l... More »


Inquiring Photographer April 2018

by Alexa Brandenberg –  “Do you think anything concrete will come from the recent anti-gun walkouts and rallies?” Richard Cross Tarrytown “I have a lot of faith in youth and they have seen things we have never seen before, so I think they will vote their minds... More »


Inquiring Photographer – What is Your New Year’s Resolution?

by Alexa Brandenberg –  Heather Hewett Sleepy Hollow “I am contemplating a New Year’s resolution inspired by the writer Ann Patchett, which is to give up personal shopping for the year.”   Herinel Pichardo Works in Tarrytown “Honestly? To learn to be nicer to ... More »


Inquiring Photographer – “What are You Most Thankful For?”

by Alexa Brandenberg Alex Patrick Works in Irvington “Family. This year has had its ups and downs and my family has been very supportive throughout all of it.”   Cathy Sears Irvington “I’m thankful for living in this rivertown community where people act on the... More »