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Residents Favor a Vibrant Downtown Dobbs Ferry

by Abby Luby –  A year’s worth of surveys and testimonials on how to invigorate downtown Dobbs Ferry was presented to the Dobbs Ferry Board of Trustees in mid-May. Raven David, Coordinator of the Dobbs Ferry Downtown Improvement Task Force, highlighted the sal... More »


Dobbs Ferry Senior Dynamic as Captain on Diamond and Hardwood

by Tom Pedulla –  When Dobbs Ferry High School boys’ basketball coach Scott Patrillo approached Zachary Holzman about becoming a team captain last year as a junior, it was the start of something big. Patrillo recognized in Holzman leadership abilities that wou... More »


New Business Opens in Dobbs Ferry

New Business Opens in Dobbs Ferry: Owner Becca Licht poses in front of her new business, Barre3 Rivertowns, which opened May 30 on 42 Chestnut Street in Dobbs Ferry. The fitness studio is open seven days a week. For more information, visit or ca... More »


Local School Budgets, Board Candidates on Ballot May 21

by Rick Pezzullo –  Residents will go to the polls on Tuesday, May 21 to vote on budgets for the 2019-2020 school year, candidates for Boards of Education and a bond referendum in the Tarrytown, Irvington and Dobbs Ferry school districts. More than 70 percent ... More »


Dobbs Ferry Church Solicits Funds for Sanctuary Apartment

by Barrett Seaman –  Last September, threatened with deportation back to Ecuador, an undocumented family living in Westchester took up refuge at Dobbs Ferry’s South Presbyterian Church. Long active on behalf of progressive causes, the church’s congregation har... More »


Dobbs Ferry Super Practices Yoga, Mindfulness in Schools

by Abby Luby –  Ask any parent with children in elementary, middle or high school if their kid is stressed, and most probably their answer will be “yes.” Successfully tackling the problem of student anxiety in the Dobbs Ferry School District has been one of th... More »


Cold and Gray But Definitely Green

The snow was gone but the air was damp and raw as thousands–marchers, watchers, family members–gather along Main Street and up and down Broadway for the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday. More »


Dobbs Ferry Challenge: How to Bury the Wires

by Abby Luby –  Downtown Dobbs Ferry may be able to bury electric lines at the same time Con Edison plans to upgrade the neighborhood’s gas lines in the next year or two. The question is: “But how?” On February 6th, the Dobbs Ferry Library hosted an informatio... More »


Office Space Opens in Dobbs Ferry with a Focus on Connectivity

by Barrett Seaman –  The evolution of the modern workplace continues—right here in the rivertowns. The latest iteration is an 8,850-square-foot space on the ground floor of what was once an old brewery, then a Bible-printing house at 145 Palisades Street, down... More »



by David Schwartz –  To many Rivertowns residents The Children’s Village in Dobbs Ferry is a mystery.  They tend to hear about it only when there are problems.  But the organization, with a 180 acre campus at the top of Walgrove Avenue, has been in the communi... More »